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Is PTE better than IELTS?

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PTE and IELTS exams have both their own advantages and disadvantages. Rest, it depends on you how you do practice for your exam, either its IELTS or PTE. Do Practice Practice and Practice, so whatever the test you appear will be easy for you.

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First of all, your question is incomplete. In what sense you are asking this question is unclear. Are you comparing PTE Academic with IELTS Academic? Or with IELTS GT? Is it for Student Visa or for Immigration? You need to clarify these things. Nextly, if you are talking about PTE Academic vs IELTS Academic, then let me summarize it for you. While both exams have advantages and disadvantages, the answer to the question i.e. which is easier, is unmistakably PTE. In the face of severe competition from IELTS, PTE has managed to gain substantial popularity among students due to greater percentages of student success stories. Even a student with mediocre English language proficiency can score higher on the PTE than on the IELTS.

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