More victims of the migrant worker visa scam have been found by the Immigration New Zealand

Officials from Immigration New Zealand who are looking into the exploitation of migrants from India and Bangladesh say they have found another 29 victims. They have now discovered 144 migrants who were living in conditions that were unclean and... Read More

IRCC extends the transition time for distance learning measures until December 2023

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has said that they will continue to use measures for online learning that were put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students who did less than 50% of their PGWP-eligible studies outside... Read More

Australia forbids concurrent enrollment as part of a campaign against "dodgy" providers

In order to crack down on "shady" providers, Australia has closed a loophole that let foreign students switch to cheaper providers soon after arriving in the country.  The government is "worried" about more than 200... Read More

The employees of Immigration New Zealand speak out regarding the AEWV system

Employees argue that "possibly thousands of businesses shouldn't have gotten accreditation." Employees at Immigration New Zealand (INZ) claim that they have been trying to alert their top management to faults in the Accredited... Read More

New Zealand's migrant and refugee policies have been updated

Both the New Zealand Migrant Settlement and Integration Strategy (NZMSIS) and the New Zealand Refugee Resettlement Strategy (NZRRS) have been updated. Two cross-government initiatives, the NZRRS and NZMSIS, seek to facilitate former refugees'... Read More

New Zealand opens an investigation into the exploitation of Indians and Bangladeshis

New Zealand Immigration says that the people affected were kept in places that were not safe or clean, which raises questions about their health and rights. The New Zealand government has started a full investigation into claims that 115 Indian... Read More

In 2023, Canada was rated as the top country for immigrant entrepreneurs

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said that Canada was the best place for immigrant businesspeople and people who want to start their own businesses out of all the other OECD countries. The United States, France,... Read More

Immigration New Zealand is looking into allegations of exploitation of foreign workers

The government has opened a probe into the plight of dozens of migrant workers who have been unable to leave Auckland. According to a Newshub article, more than 30 individuals with legitimate work visas were unable to leave Auckland. Most of... Read More

Immigration New Zealand is looking into 164 accredited companies

Immigration New Zealand is looking into more than 160 accredited employers after complaints of worker abuse and violations of the work visa system. As of August 9, six companies had their certification taken away, and five had theirs taken away.... Read More

Immigration lawyer criticizes visa policy after claims of mistreatment of migrants

An immigration lawyer has criticized the Government's accredited employer work visa plan (AEWV) after an investigation found that dozens of migrants were living in a dirty Auckland home with three bedrooms.  Forty men living in south... Read More

Australian visas are now being responded to within days

The Australian Department of Home Affairs recently said that the average processing times for different types of visas, such as those for foreign students and skilled workers in the health and education sectors, will be cut by a large... Read More

Canada's Student Direct Stream now accepts new language tests

As of August 10, 2023, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is giving applicants for the Student Direct Stream (SDS) four new English language tests that have been accepted. The new list of acceptable language tests... Read More

Immigration is essential to build Canada and make it a better place

Marc Miller's first public comments since becoming Canada's new Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) came in talks with RedFM Canada, CBC Radio Canada, and Bloomberg News. These talks help us understand how he thinks... Read More

New Zealand visas for citizens of Bahrain, Finland, Lithuania, and Mexico Visas for Bahrain

To go to New Zealand, people with passports from 190 countries, including Bahrain, must get a visa waiver. Since July 2019, Bahraini residents who want to visit New Zealand have had to get an eTA. For travellers who don't need a visa, like... Read More

Canada cuts the number of "tainted" immigration cases from 2,000 to 300

Branch Vice President Aaron McCrorie told Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco E.L. Mendicino about big changes in response to letters from victims of immigration scams who asked for their PR status. In a good sign for immigrants waiting for... Read More

The right amount of immigration for Canada

As the number of immigrants coming to Canada keeps going up—an estimated 1.45 million people are predicted between 2023 and 2025—many people in the country may start to wonder: how many immigrants should Canada have? The... Read More

Australia Will Not Accept TOEFL Scores for Visa Purposes

"TOEFL iBT will no longer be offering English language tests for the purposes of obtaining an Australian visa until further notice." On the official website of the Department of Home Affairs in Australia, which can be found at... Read More

Marc Miller: The new Immigration Minister of Canada

This morning at 10:30 AM Eastern Time, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made big changes to his cabinet. Marc Miller, a member of Parliament from Quebec, is now in charge of immigration in Canada. Miller was the Minister of... Read More

Indians from New Zealand are moving to Australia for better opportunities there

The movement of smart people from New Zealand to Australia has been talked about a lot in the past. Former Prime Minister Robert Muldoon once said that the migration made both countries smarter. Statistics New Zealand said that 13,400 people left... Read More

Charges have been brought in a scam that affected 700 Indian students studying abroad

Brijesh Mishra has been charged by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) for his part in scamming 700 foreign students from India out of their money. According to the news report from June 23, Mishra was charged with: IRPA Section... Read More