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Know Important Canada Spouse Visa Immigration Questions

If you're planning to join your spouse in Canada, the Canada Spouse Visa is a crucial step in your immigration journey.  This visa allows spou


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How to Become an Immigration Lawyer in Canada - Know it All

Becoming an immigration lawyer in Canada is an exciting and rewarding career path.  As an immigration lawyer, you have the opportunity to help ind


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Know All About Misrepresentation Immigration Canada - Informative

Misrepresentation Immigration Canada: Misrepresentation in immigration is a critical issue that affects individuals seeking to make Canada their new h


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More victims of the migrant worker visa scam have been found by the Immigration New Zealand

Officials from Immigration New Zealand who are looking into the exploitation of migrants from India and Bangladesh say they have found another 29 vict


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IRCC extends the transition time for distance learning measures until December 2023

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has said that they will continue to use measures for online learning that were put in place durin


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Australia forbids concurrent enrollment as part of a campaign against "dodgy" providers

In order to crack down on "shady" providers, Australia has closed a loophole that let foreign students switch to cheaper providers soon after arriving