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Is 102 a good score in TOEFL?

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Here’s the breakdown of TOEFL scores: Less than 80: This is generally not a good TOEFL iBT score. If you score below 80 on the TOEFL, it will be hard to get into an English language university, unless you go for conditional acceptance. 80-90: This score range is treated as moderately good. Once you get your TOEFL iBT score to 80 or higher, many more universities will accept you. Interestingly, in this moderate range, it’s easier to get accepted into grad schools. 90-100: TOEFL scores in this range are perfectly good. At this level, your TOEFL score is good enough for most universities. With these TOEFL scores, you also have a shot at getting a position as an RA, TA, or GA on campus. 100-110: These are very good TOEFL scores. Once you start scoring this high on a TOEFL iBT, you can be accepted into Ivy League schools and other top universities. 110-120: These are the best TOEFL iBT scores by any standard. If you score this well, you should get in…. Unless you fail to meet section subscore requirements.

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