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How to apply for Canada Work Permit from India?

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The best way to go about it would be to apply online on the official Government of Canada Website. Though commonly used in place of the other, there is a difference between a work permit and a visa:

1. While a work permit is issued by a company - international and national - outsourcing to other countries, a visa is issued by the immigration authorities.
2. A work permit is the employment letter which is issued to an employee by his employer prior to entering the country. A visa, on the other hand, is a document that is acquired by an individual for gaining entry into a particular country.

The procedure for applying for a work visa from India involves the following steps-
1. Submission of Application, preferably online. Usually, the processing time for online applications is somewhat lesser as compared to paper-based applications.
2. Collection of your Biometrics. Your biometrics are required to be submitted only once in 10 years. If the submission of your biometrics is needed, you will be notified of the same. Once you are intimated about biometrics submission, you must do so within one month from the date of the letter. Also, do pay the biometrics fee at the same time as submitting your application. Failure to do so might lead to a delay in your visa processing.
3. Assessment of your application
4. Decision stage where your visa application is either approved or rejected.
5. If approved, you can travel to Canada until the Port of Entry (POE). A POE is an entry point-either the first land crossing or airport-that you will be stopping at in Canada. The different points of Entry are selected by the Government of Canada.
6. On reaching Canada, your Biometrics will be verified. If your identity is not established, you might be detained by the Border Services Officer (BSO) and told to take a return flight back to India.
7. If all is found to be in order, you will be allowed to enter in Canada.

Do keep in mind that to apply for a work permit, you will require the following:
1. A valid job offer letter
2. A contract
3. Your LMIA number (LMIA-Labour Market Impact Assessment)
4. A copy of LMIA

A positive LMIA implies that - 1. There is a requirement for a foriegn worker; and 2. no Canadian worker can do the job.

While your employer will apply for an LMIA, you would have to apply for the work permit yourself.

Always remember that a work visa is only temporary in nature. You cannot hope to gain Canadian PR through your temporary work visa. If you do have PR in mind, it would be more advisable to go through the Skilled Worker route, if you have the required work skills as well as experience, that is.

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