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How can I get a high score in IELTS?

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1. Get familiar with questions and scoring - First and foremost, you should be familiar with the test's fundamentals. They will teach you how to calculate your score and what skills are examined in the examination. 2. Get familiar with accents - To pass the listening test, you must become accustomed to the British accent as well as other major accents. 3. Distinguish between similar sounds - Some pupils have difficulty discriminating between identical sounds because certain sounds are not present in their native languages. They receive incorrect information and responses as a result of this issue. 4. Predict - In order to achieve good IELTS listening test scores, you must be able to predict information. It can sometimes assist you in obtaining right responses before to listening to the audio. 5. Pay attention to linking words and repeated information - Pay attention to linking words such as firstly, next, moreover, etc. They indicate different relationships between words such as addition and contrast. Usually, important information comes after them, so you need to listen carefully. 6. The repeated words are sometimes the key words in the recording. Pay attention to these words because they could be the right answer. 7. Expand your vocabulary - To pass the test, you must have a sufficient vocabulary, regardless of which skill is being assessed. Expanding your vocabulary will help you absorb things better and provide accurate answers. Some kids despise learning new words since memorising word lists is tedious. Learning new words can actually be enjoyable. 8. Practice - Every day, you should spend some time developing your listening abilities. You can study, listen to the radio, and watch movies. Concentrate on the listening material and do your best to comprehend every aspect. If you don't understand something, replay it as many times as necessary until you do. It will undoubtedly help you enhance your listening skills.

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