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Has someone appeared for the CELPIP test? Can you share your experience with me?

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Let me share my experience with you:
1. The reading test is probably not very difficult, but test takers need to answer the questions fast as you're not given a lot of time. If you are a slow reader, start by reading the questions first before you read the passage. On the other hand, if you read fast, you may like to read the passage first to gain and understanding of what it is about.
2. In speaking, what most people find challenging is that they are given only 30-60 seconds to prepare their speaking responses. Those who complain that they cannot come up with ideas in a short time need to practice more.
3. In writing, avoid using words that you are not familiar with. Many students think they have to impress the CELPIP rater by using difficult vocabulary, but they frequently use them in the wrong context. That's one of the most common reasons test takers cannot score 9 or higher in the exam.
4. In listening, learn to take notes, and that too properly.

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