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7 Appealing Factors to Answer ‘Why Study in the UK?’

No one can deny that as soon as one hears or comes across the word ‘British’, royalty follows. Whether it is due to the fact that the Britishers have ruled so many countries in the past, or merely because the pound sterling is one of the strongest currencies in the world, ‘why study in the UK’ is a question always running in people’s minds.

10 Reasons to study in the UK

There are plethora of appealing factors which encourage students from different corners of the world to study in the UK and these include but don’t limit to:

  • REF Support

A special system for assessing the quality of education imparted in the higher education institutions of the UK. This body lays emphasis on ensuring that the resources are optimally allocated on education and research.

Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel (EDAP) working in association with Research Excellence Framework (REF) is one of the reasons why the United Kingdom lays too much stress on the promotion of research and hence provides education which is really important for the students.

  • Best Institutions for Higher Education in the Globe

Search for the best university of the world and more than half of the universities and colleges you will see on the list will be situated in the UK. Whether it’s the infrastructure, the education system, the pedagogical model or staff, everything is top-notch.

Not only this, but the opportunity to live and get so much experience from the nation where everyone wants to or thinks of settling once in life is certainly unmissable. In fact, the quality of education in the UK is one of its kind which can be extremely valuable in securing one’s future.

  • Easy Application through UCAS

For those who intend to apply for an Undergraduate Program in the UK, they need to have knowledge of the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission System) as the students are expected to apply for the same online through the official UCAS portal.

Apart from this, there are also a variety of language proficiency tests which are accepted by the universities and colleges in the UK. In fact, some students can also apply for the visa without giving any language proficiency test after fulfilling certain conditions.

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  • Strong Support System

The Government of the United Kingdom encourages more and more foreign students to come and receive education in the UK. And it is for this reason that all the visa policies, especially of Tier 4 (Student Visa), are student-friendly.

What is more appealing is that the region also provides financial aid to deserving candidates in the form of fee-waivers and scholarships, the information of which can be received by the students at the time of application.

  • Adequate and Beneficial Medical Services

International Students are also entitled to cost-effective good quality health services during the course of their study and hence, stay in the UK. This service is extremely helpful given the fact that such services can at times be extremely costly to avail.

The National Health Service (NHS) also provides free medical assistance to proper visa holding international students just like the residents of the UK. Apart from this, some colleges and universities also have special health-related services for their pupils.

  • Entitlement to Work while Studying

Although there are certain differences in the time duration for which a student is allowed to study based on the course type and other visa specifications, mostly the students are permitted to work for around 10-20 hours a week through which they just don’t get financial assistance but also ‘international’ work experience to mention on their CVs.

However, in this regard it is crucial for the students to be completely aware of the work they are legally permitted to do and must abide by all the rules and regulations laid out by the UKCISA (United Kingdom’s Council for International Student Affairs).

  • Post-Study Opportunities and Visas

After successfully completing education through Tier 4 Visa in the UK, the students depending on their courses and calibres have the option of applying for work visas like the General Work Visa (Tier 2) or Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1).

Moreover, the students also have a strong chance of having an established career abroad due to the fact that they have obtained education from such an amazing nation (of course your grades matter too), let alone the multicultural and international exposure.

The Conclusion to ‘Why Study in the UK?’

These advantages pretty much sum up why students from different corners of the world aspire to study in the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, as this is a very big decision to make, it is strongly advised to analyse both pros and cons before taking the final step.

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Good luck!

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