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Immigrate to Canada as an experienced worker – Express Entry

Immigrate to Canada as an experienced worker – Express Entry: Those people who are already residing in Canada and also the other who are in other countries and looking to immigrate to Canada based upon their working experience, they should have the proper knowledge of all the domains of applying for immigration. They have to choose the cheapest and easiest way.

What to do for Express Entry?
Different steps need to be followed by the individual applying for the Canadian PR. Educational Credential Assessment – If you are well-educated then you have to apply for your qualification assessment. It is used to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid, satisfying, and equal to a Canadian standard.

If you are already in Canada and Your institute is in Canada, then you don’t need to go for such verifications. But if you are Indian or from other countries then you have to go for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment). This thing take some time, hence its better to be ready with this at the earliest stages.

IELTS is Important – You need to attempt an IELTS Exam and have to get the suitable bands to get shortlisted for further process. As much good your bands will be in IELTS, Much better will be your points for PR. So, prepare well for IELTS.

No matter you are in Canada or other countries. Your evaluation points will get a good hike with the IELTS exam.

For PR, You have to go with the General Exam and not with the Academic exam. The scores are valid for 2 hours. So, it will be beneficial for you if you attempt the test far before applying to the Express entry to immigrate to Canada. Get to know more about the test by visiting

Express Entry Profile-
Individuals have to create a profile on the CIC website. This is very important, as this profile consists of all your qualification details, educational credentials, and IELTS score as well and also work experience.

For work experience, some points are being provided and those points will be assigned based upon the experience Category. For that, there is a NOC code. The applicant should select the NOC code from the given list based upon his/her experience.

After completion of the profile including the personal details, educational qualification, IELTS scores, and NOC code.

Applicants have to wait until the invitation offered by the Country’s authority. Based on the points, the Canadian Government is shortlisting the applicants. Today’s time, the shortlisting points are about 475 – 480. If your points are nearby these shortlisting scores, then you will receive the invitation which we call ITA ( Invitation TO Apply )

Documents For Submission-
After receiving the ITA, the candidate has to submit the documents that he/she had added in the profile.

After submitting the fee and documents, the government will notify you and your PR will be done. So, with the help of Express entry, you should be able to receive the PR easily on the bases of the work experience. IELTS has the main role in this. So start practicing the test online at

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