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Do Green Card Holders need Visa for Canada

Canada and the United States are neighbouring countries which share the longest border in the world. Being a neighbouring country, travel between the US and Canada is easy. So usually, when talking about visiting Canada, a question usually comes: Do Green Card holders need a Visa for Canada?

The answer to the question is no. Green Card holders are allowed to travel to Canada without a Visa. They are considered permanent residents of the US. However, additional documents are required while travelling to Canada. 

There are restrictions while travelling to Canada via different modes. Flying has the most restrictions among them. That is why you need to have documents accordingly. What Documents are required depends upon the mode of travel.

Travelling to Canada is easy. If you have a green card then you can travel to Canada by getting an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) from Canada. 

Easy Travel between Canada and US: 

Canada and the US have close relationships. With the sharing of the largest international border, both countries share trade in the form of goods and services daily. Approximately 380,000 people cross the American Canadian border daily for different purposes. 

Due to this relationship, there are special immigration provisions for the citizens and permanent residency holders of the US and Canada. In case you are a Green Card holder, you need to show valid travel documents, which include your passport and green card at the port of entry. 

Crossing the Canadian Border through Land and Sea from the US: 

In case of travelling to Canada via land or sea, you only need to have your American permanent residency proof, i.e. American Green Card. You are not required to have a travel visa when travelling by land or sea. 

Also, you are not required to be a part of a group for travelling. This is considered one of the easiest ways of travelling to Canada by using the advantages of a Green Card and citizenship. 

Crossing the Canadian Border by Air from the US: 

Canada, like all countries, needs a valid passport to travel by Air on an international level. Green Card holders in the US need a valid passport from their home country to enter Canada by Air. 

Green Card holders are permanent residents, not citizens. After getting US citizenship, you can apply for an American passport. 

Electronic Travel Authorization is also required other than a passport for entering Canada. An eTA can be obtained by applying online through the website of IRCC. 

Do Green Card Holders need Visa for Canada

No green card holders need a visa to travel to Canada from the US. Usually, US permanent residents or Green Card holders can travel in Canada freely for up to six months.

If you want to stay more than six months, then you can also apply for a Visa extension. You are not allowed to work or study while travelling to Canada. For work or study, you need to apply for a separate visa. 

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): 

An eTA is a document issued by IRCC for entering or transiting through Canada. It is similar to a visa, but it is mainly for travellers from visa-exempt countries. It is valid for five years. 

You can apply online for an eTA, and it will be approved within minutes after applying. In some cases, it will take several days to approve. Its fee is $7. 

However, in case of the wrong number of passports on your eTA, you will not be allowed to enter Canada. 

What do you Need to Travel to Canada: 

The documents required to travel in Canada depend upon the native country of the traveller. Different travellers need different documents to enter Canada. For the ease of travellers, the Canadian government has an app and website known as ArriveCAN. 

This is very helpful for travellers. If you are planning to travel to Canada, you can get detailed information about the current travel requirements and also about the restrictions you will have while travelling to Canada. 

This will also help you in getting information about the do and don’ts in Canada while on a travel visa. Canada requires all travellers to submit their travel details and plans in ArriveCAN within 72 hours before their entry. 

Do travelling to Canada affect the permanent residency of Green Card holders:

It won’t affect the permanent residency status of green card holders. In case of longer stays, you need to fill out the additional forms so that you can return to the US without any problem.

In some cases, USCIS decides to revoke your green card due to your stay in another country which they think is abandoning the US as your primary country. Also, make sure of the validity of your green card before travelling to Canada. 



  1. Green Card holders do not require a travel visa for Canada.
  2. You need to have valid travel documents and green cards while entering Canada.
  3. You can enter Canada by land, water and Air.
  4. While travelling via air, you need your native country's passport and green Card.
  5. Maximum 6-month stay duration is allowed. 
  6. You can not work or travel.

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