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Top 5 Do's and Don'ts of the CELPIP General Language Test

If you are a candidate who has planned to give the CELPIP Test a try, and are in search of the final pre-exam tips then you are at the right place. We have brought to you the top 5 do’s and don’ts of the CELPIP General Language Test.

In today’s time, Canada is one of the most desired places to live in the world for almost everyone – be it a student, worker, or a businessman. And fairly enough there are also several reasons for the same. It’s environment, aesthetic sceneries, latest technology, and cultural diversity are just some of the sought-after factors making it popular.

Now we know that something has to be paid for everything, and in this regard, in order to move to Canada (or in any nation) for further or as immigrants, individuals from Non-English speaking nations are required to give a language proficiency test. Want to know about all the language proficiency tests? Click here.

While for those aspiring to go on a study visa there are options like IELTS Academic, PTE, TOEFL, and many more tests, not many options are for those who wish to migrate there. Keeping the need of these potential migrants in mind, a test has been prepared exclusively for those who wish to migrate to Canada, and that test is nothing else but CELPIP General.

In fact, since the time this test has appeared in the market, students have been applauding the preparers for making such a test which so easily reflects the use of English in real life and allows the test-takers to understand the usage of this language more precisely. Now, if you also think that you must know what CELPIP is all about, you must read this.

But in case you don’t have much time to check the whole article, let’s just have a quick review of the CELPIP General test:

Mode of test:


(Manually checked)

4 Modules:





Total time:

Approximately 3 hours

(All modules conducted in a single-sitting)


Declared in around 5 working days after the test date

(Quite quicker as compared to most language proficiency tests)

Scoring format:

Scores given out of 12 Bands

(Already equivalent to CLB scores)

I know you would definitely like to have a visual demonstration of all the parts as well, right? So don’t wait, click here

Once you have the clarity of what the CELPIP is all about, you would also want to attempt it. But, I think before appearing for any sort of examination, it’s important to be aware of every aspect of the test which could affect your score. Hence, without any further ado, we shall now have a look at the Top 5 do’s and don’ts of the CELPIP General Language test that you must certainly know:

What things can lead to a lower score in the CELPIP General test? (THE DON’TS)

  1. Do not miss/skip any recording: Many students are unaware of the fact that each recording in the CELPIP Test just plays once, so it is important to listen properly at once, as whatever the reasons are, the recording will not be played a second time. The candidate needs to be careful about this in every part, as she/he would not know which section is unscored. (You didn’t know there are unscored sections too?)
  2. Stop wasting time on finding the exact words during the test: Yes, in all the sections where you are supposed to find/locate answers, you will not be getting the exact locations or answers (especially in reading). In this regard, you must start reading more and more to increase your vocabulary which in turn would assist you in scoring more in the test.
  3. Do not get off-track (Provide justification, but relevant): Now this point is the most relevant to the writing section. In the two question types that you are supposed to answer in the writing section, you must be very clear about what ought to be written as an answer. Also make sure that whatever you are writing is completely formal. Continue reading further for a BONUS TIP
  4. Avoid ignoring the parameters used for marking your answer: Many candidates have this misconception that the marking criteria is something exclusive to the teacher, or coaching providing and thus, it doesn’t really matter if the students know about it. In fact, it’s more important for the student to know how a task is marked, so that the answer can be written in accordance to it (Leading to a higher score).
  5. Never underestimate the importance of instructions in the CELPIP test: Oh no dear! NEVER. It doesn’t really matter whether you have prepared the test once or a thousand times, from one site or hundreds, you must ( I repeat “must”) always read the instructions thoroughly before attempting every test, every section, and every question (it’s crucial). Ignoring this advice might lead to blunders, then don’t say I didn’t warn.

Okay! Okay! 

Enough for the DO NOTS! (reminds of ‘donuts’, right?)

Now it’s your turn to know what is to be done for a higher score in the CELPIP General test

5 things you must start doing now for CELPIP General language test:

  1. Make notes during the test: At the time of your test, you will be provided with material that will enable you to take notes, if you wish. Grab the opportunity and take proper notes, especially when the listening plays. You already know that the audio plays just once (Even for the questions).
  2. Utilize the available time and resources efficiently: Most of the questions give you time sufficient for preparing the answers beforehand, and in this case, it’s your responsibility to optimally utilize the time provided as it is there for your own convenience. Practicing tests before booking or attempting the test is certainly a good idea in this regard.
  3. Start making yourself comfortable with the Canadian accent: As this test is prepared exclusively for Canadian Visa (certain categories), hence the accent used here is also Canadian. That’s why you must get acquainted with the Canadian accent. Now this doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be any other accent, after all because Canada is a multicultural nation, there would be variations too. So be prepared for everything!
  4. Practice thoroughly: The motive here is to not just make you perfect, but also completely aware of the pattern of the test. More practice definitely means more knowledge and more knowledge is, as you know, an indication of more score. However, remember that practicing from appropriate sources is crucial. In this regard, there is a site solely prepared for preparing students all around the world for CELPIP.
  5. Commence using English in your daily life: This is something which is applicable to all the English language proficiency tests but not more than to CELPIP General as you are already informed that the language test has been designed in such a way that it reflects the actual routine of an English speaker. So, start speaking more and more in English if you have made up your mind to appear in the test.


As promised, there is a special tip for you as a token of your gratitude for continuing reading till here. This certainly means that you are way too serious for preparing as well as appearing and scoring more in the CELPIP General language test.

Hence for hardworking, honest and dedicated students like you, it’s necessary to get the right platform where you can practice as per your convenience polishing your strengths and working out on your weaknesses. 

Visit CELPIPSTORE for preparing for the CELPIP Test free of cost, and practice in whatever manner you like – whether that is question wise, section wise, or the complete test as a whole at once. Should you have any other queries, feel free to clear them in the comment section below.

You can also connect with us through various platforms like Facebook, or by joining us for regularly updated, latest exam pattern questions and other resources which are made exclusively for you.

Our aim is to support you in your journey of making your dreams come true, and we will not back out until your dream is realized. Good luck for your CELPIP General Language Test and all other future endeavors!

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