MCQ - Multiple Answers

MCQ - Multiple Answers

Read the following information.

PTE Reading MCQ: Multiple Choice Question with Multiple Answers Sample

Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. You will need to select more than one response.

Personal liability protection is a mandatory part of most policies. This is the coverage for bodily injury (BI) or property damage (PD) to others or their property. It is best to select a high limit so that you will have protection if there is a serious accident. The maximum offered is typically $500,000 and you will need a separate "umbrella" policy if you want to go higher than that. If all you get is a small amount of liability coverage the cost could be as low as $10 per month. Medical payments coverage is optional and will usually be offered between $1,000 and $10,000. The uninsured watercraft option provides coverage if another boater damages your Houston personal watercraft and or injures you or your passengers. It is good to have this because many boaters don't have watercraft insurance. You will usually be able to get uninsured watercraft coverage up to the limit selected for bodily injury insurance.

1. What Personal liability protection covers?
Leg injury
Car injury
Bodily injury
Property damage to others or their property

Answer: Bodily Injury, Property damage to others or their property

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