Reading to Apply a Diagram

Reading to Apply a Diagram

Read the following information.

CELPIP Reading Part 2: Reading to Apply a Diagram Reading Samples

Read the following email message about the diagram on the left. Complete the email by filling in the blanks. Select the best choice for each blank from the drop-down menu.


Subject: Adelaide Conference Presentation

To: Tony Drew <>

From: Oscar Wright <>


Hi Tony,


You will find attached our presentation file. It’s ready! I’ve also done some research on travel. Remember, the conference is a week away and we haven’t decided how to get there yet. Here are our options. Buses are the 1___________ because the fleet is old and there are no stopovers. The train seems more relaxed and we have plenty of time to get some work done if needed. It 2__________ than I had expected, especially when compared to airfares. Plus, the 3____________ is far from the hotel. Flying would save us time, and the airport is close to the hotel and the university in case we want to visit Dr. Kitayama. Lastly, I really wouldn’t mind 4_____________. My car is economical and would give us flexibility to 5____________. After all, we have both worked so hard on this project!





(1) most desirable

most flexible

least comfortable

least effective


Answer: least comfortable


(2) is priced lower

costs more

is less convenient

seems slower


Answer: costs more


(3) airport


parking lot



Answer: station


(4) cabbing



taking the bus


Answer: driving


(5) commute

go sightseeing

go to the conference

go to the hotel


Answer: go sightseeing


Using the drop-down menu, choose the best option.


(6) Tony and Oscar __________ (work together/ are friends/ are neighbours/ live together).

(7) The main purpose of the trip is ___________ (to attend a business meeting/ to visit a tourist attraction/ to speak at a conference/ to visit a doctor).

(8) Oscar seems __________ (sympathetic/ apathetic/ cooperative/ unhelpful).


Answer 6: work together

Answer 7: to speak at a conference

Answer 8: cooperative



first-class, scenic trip along the coast, free wi-fi internet

Price: $ 260- return ticket

Duration: 4 hr, 25 min


no checked baggage allowed, no washrooms, no stops, only morning trips to Seattle

Price: $ 100- return ticket


Duration: 3 hr, 30 min


in-flight snack, 

free movie entertainment, airport close to town

Price: $ 240- return ticket


Duration: 45 min


freedom to explore the city

no need to pay for cabs to and from hotel

Price: $180 (90/ each) -for gas

Duration: 4 hours

Amazing Fact for CELPIP

The first task in the CELPIP reading test is reading a correspondence. This task involves reading a letter. This part of the test contains 11 questions.