Reading Correspondence

Reading Correspondence

Read the following information.

CELPIP Reading Sample Practice Test Reading Correspondence

CELPIP Reading Sample Practice Test Reading Correspondence


Read the following message


Hi Peter, 


I landed in Worcestershire yesterday evening. It's an incredible location. We have a coastal lodge with panoramic views of hundreds of little islands stretching to the horizon. Worcestershire is a small town with only a few blocks of stores, apartments, and restaurants, making it a pleasant respite from the throngs of people and offices in West Midland England. If they needed a structural engineer, I'd be tempted to apply here.


Today, Jessie and I took a walk to see what we might find. We were taken on a tour to a little island off the coast of Worcestershire. It's a small, undeveloped island. The entire island is covered in a forest of ancient trees. Each one is twice the height of your house and twice the size of your truck. We observed the outline of a large bird's nest in one tree, despite the fact that the bird was nowhere to be found. Due to the bad weather, though, it was difficult to make out much. It started raining shortly after we got on the island, and we were both completely saturated within minutes. It's called a rainforest for a reason.


We hope to see you on Friday when you come to see us. I should warn you that it will be a long journey to get here. The safest way is to fly from London to Birmingham and then take a tiny plane from Birmingham to Worcestershire. You can take a bus or ferry from the Birmingham airport to Worcestershire if your budget does not allow it. The views from the boat are wonderful, but we'd like to make the most of our stay in Worcestershire because you have to return on Sunday. In any case, please let me know how you intend to arrive so that I can greet you.


Also, make sure you're properly attired for the season. As previously stated, the weather in this location is unpredictable, so you could be lying on the beach one minute and rushing for shelter in the cabin the next. Even so, it's well worth the trip, and I'm excited to see you again after all this time.


Take care and let’s meet up soon!



Using the drop-down menu, choose the best option according to the information given in the message.


1: Sean


is on vacation in Worcestershire.

lives in Worcestershire.

came to Worcestershire for a job interview.

works in Worcestershire.


2: The weather in Worcestershire is


cold and damp.

very changeable.

fairly warm.

constantly rainy.


Answer: very changeable


3: Sean feels that Worcestershire is


somewhat bigger than he expected.

too small to be interesting.

more pleasant than London.

more boring than London.


Answer: more pleasant than London


4: Sean and Jessie visited an island where


they had a clear view of a bird’s nest.

they were caught in a sudden downpour.

they went sightseeing in a large truck.

they had a great view of the sea and sky.


Answer: they were caught in a sudden downpour


5: Sean told Peter about the ferry because


Peter is afraid of flying.

the ferry is cheaper than the flight.

the views from the ferry are wonderful.

they will be able to spend more time together.


Answer: the ferry is cheaper than the flight.


6: Peter and Sean


are old friends.

are friends in London.

are both applying for work in Worcestershire.

work together in the same office.


Answer: are old friends


Here is a response to the message. Complete the response by filling in the blanks. Select the best choice for each blank from the drop-down menu.


Hi Sean,


Thank you for informing me of the situation. I've booked a (7)_____________(excursion/ ferry/ trip/ flight) from London to Birmingham based on your recommendation. I'll arrive in Worcestershire about 1 p.m. (8)____________ (at the ferry terminal/ on Sunday/ at the bus stop/ on Friday), exactly as scheduled. I was in Worcestershire a couple of years ago, by chance.


I (9)_____________ (enjoy being/ have a job/ feel uncomfortable/ am a bit bored)  in a small town as much as you do. Also, as you said, I'll be prepared for any kind of (10)____________(weather/ different people/ travel arrangements/ activities). But, to be honest, I don't care what we do or how the weather is as long as we get a chance to catch up on each other's lives. We should try to (11)____________ (work as close together/ spend as little money/ spend as much time together/ make as many trips) as possible, as you said.


Hope to see you soon,



Answer 7: flight

Answer 8: on Friday

Answer 9: enjoy being

Answer 10: weather

Answer 11: spend as much time together

Amazing Fact for CELPIP

The first task in the CELPIP reading test is reading a correspondence. This task involves reading a letter. This part of the test contains 11 questions.