Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Celpip test Write an Email in about 150-200 words to the Librarian as You were issued a book by city library and after you came home you noticed that first few pages were missing from your book.

  • Introduce yourself and when you were issued the book
  • Give his/her the details of the book
  • What do you expect them to do regarding the matter

Dear Librarian,

I am Samuel and am writing this letter to address the issue with the book which was recently issued to me on 24th Feb 2022.

I have been a member of this library for over three years now and always issue several books every month. I would like to bring to your notice that the most recent book that I issued had the first few pages missing from the book that I noticed when I opened the book after reaching home. I would give you more details about the book that was issued to me on 24th Feb 2022 and the book was Harry Potter Volume 2. I never faced any issues with other books which were issued to me earlier. I thought to inform you beforehand as it should create an assumption that pages were torn by me in any case. 

I would expect you to consider this book as previously damaged since the first few pages were missing and do not impose any fines on me. Also, you can check with the previous person to whom the book was issued. I would be more than happy to come to the library and return this book to you for your inspection of the book for you to take any further action.

Thanking you,


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