Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Free CELPIP Writing Task 2 Samples Practice Test Responding to Survey Questions Environment Survey

Read the following information

Choose the option that you prefer. Why do you prefer your choice? Explain the reasons for your choice. Write about 150-200 words.

Yout city's Environment protection department is conducting a survey to bring in revolutionary changes in the transport system. The department has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents feel about the given options.

Option A: Governments should spend money in the development of oublic transportation systems.

Option B: It is better to spend money on the development of elecrric and other types of cars that may cause less pollution.

I personally agree with the development of public transportation systems. However, I have a couple of significant reasons.  

Firstly, the city of Vancouver has its own neat beauty as well as it provides you access easily from a distance. Since I travelled around I observed that the city has lack of transport system. I experienced that last winter especially the subway didn't work during snowing times. in my opinion, this is a significant problem. Most of the people in the city including seniors and students had a problem in this case. I would say that improving public transportation will serve equally for everyone especially the people who are not able to afford a car.  

Secondly, in order to protect the environment, we ought to be more attentive. Development of electric and other types of car is a great idea however, I think we would give priorities to the public transportation. Especially, the government may start a campaign in order to encourage people to use public transportation. They can do that with some adverts, school education, and funds. If people get aware about how is important to use transportation for preventing air pollution. They would start using it constantly. 

Improving the transportation system will reduce environmental problems so try it out.

Thank you for giving me a chance to provide a view. 

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