Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

Free CELPIP Writing Task 2 Samples Practice Test Responding to Survey Questions Local News Paper Survey

Read the following information

Choose the option that you prefer. Why do you prefer your choice? Explain the reasons for your choice. Write about 150-200 words.

A local newspaper is conducting a survey to know whether their paper should have more news or more discounts and offers.

Option A: Your newspaper should  have more Local and International news, then discount coupons etc.

Option B: You think you can access news online but you need more of Discount coupons and offer section.

I want to opine in favour of option A which is the newspaper should have more local and international news and discount coupons as it seems to be a far better and clear choice for me than the other. I will present a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument.

To begin with, there are two primary reasons why option A is more advantageous than option B. Firstly, it will increase exposure; people will get familiar with everything worldwide. For example, adding more international and local news will help people be updated but not limited to what is around them. 

Secondly, it increases the learning process. For example, one research article suggests that reading local and international has been increasingly influential in contributing to the learning process for people worldwide.

Considering these reasons, I believe that having more local and international news would be more worthy than an online news assessment. 

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