Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

Celpip test Write an Email in about 150-200 words to the manager of the football club.


  • Introduce yourself first
  • Explain what experience and special skills you have
  • Tell him/her when you think you could start

Dear Manager,

My name is Ala and I am writing to you concerning a part-time job at your football club. I am from Spain and have played at the international level for more than 10 years, representing my country. However, it's been a couple of years since I retired from active participation, hence I have moved into the coaching arena of the game. 

 As your club standings have always been consistent with scoring top rankings in the Premier League competitions, it would be an honour and a great privilege to work for the club, if given an opportunity.

As far as my credentials as a professional coach are concerned, I've been coaching Spain's international team for the last 18 months and have achieved many wins against our European competitors. Additionally, my current club, as well as my team members can vouch for my efficient professional coaching methods and their rewards. 

As a consequence, if I am considered for the part-time placement, I would be extremely grateful, as it has been my dream to work for your esteemed club and can start working from March, '20, onwards. 

I look forward to your response and thank you in anticipation.



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