Academic Unit B

Academic Unit B

CAEL Academic Unit B Short Writing Sample Answer

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the accuracy of your language

your use of the source material

Based on the reading passage, what are some features and characteristics that distinguish different planets?

The solar system is a gravitational system that consists of the s and the objects orbiting it. The system is made up of the planets dwar es, satellites, comets, asteroids, and other parts.

The planet comes from a Greek word that meantwanderer and described an object that would wander or move in the sky, The Greek tronomy of planets included the following seven-Mercury, Venus, Murs. Apiter, and Saturn, as well as the moon and then for the longest time Carth was believed to be the centre of the universe-agrocentriste pomering Carth). In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus stated that the Earth actually revolved around the sun. Since then, it has been generally accepted that our sol stem is heliocentric, revolving around the w Traditionally, the s ystem was divided into planets, Seite, asteroids, and comes.

Unfortunately, as often happens with science, things seem to be more complicated than we expected. Fint of Ml, the plants we wery different in their composition and characteristics Panets closer to the sun called inner or terrestrial plants are sulle deres, mostly composed of rock and metal and orbited by fewer satellites we planets are Mercury, Venus, Carth, and Mars. The planets farther from the sun louter or Jovian plants are made of gas, mostly composed of hydrogen and hem. These planets possess larger muss rotate faster and often include rings and many satelites Outer planets include piter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. So what happened to Pluto! Weed to have nine planets and now, only have eight. As you may know Pute was considered to be a planet from 1990 until the 1920.