Academic Unit B

Academic Unit B

Read the following information.

CAEL Academic Unit B Reading Sample Long Reading



Animals first domesticated ~12,000 BC = mostly dogs

9000–7000 BC = common livestock in Middle East

4000 BC = working animals; 3000 BC = cats

Many theories for domestication (19th–20th centuries)

Oasis Theory (Gordon Childe, 1950)

climate became drier → humans & animals met at oases

issue: domestication didn’t begin in oases

Joel Cohen (alternative theory)

growing population + scarce food → grow plants & domestication

issue: domestication likely gradual and unintentional

Dogs (from wolves) = different path of domestication

partnership in hunting

wolves for spotting & chasing + humans for weapons & intellect

Livestock domesticated mainly for food

sheep and goats = common in wandering communities

cattle and pigs = common in settled communities

later domesticated for work

Richard Bulliet: domestication for religious reasons

David Anthony: horse domestication closely tied to the wheel